Brian Christmas

Author of Art Archiver, and Art Archiver Secretary

Art Archiver

Art Archiver Secretary

My Mental History (A hard read, but ENTERTAINING!)

This is the StoreFront for the Applications 'Art Archiver', and 'Art Archiver Secretary'.

These Applications primarily print AND archive incoming Emails and Image Attachments, both from Emails, and
optionally from ftp remote folders. Images can literally be ANYTHING, and Acrobat pdf's can also be pre-flighted with PitStop Pro. A sheet with all email details and attachment names is also printed the end (called a Cover Sheet).

more extensive 'Art Archiver' also optionally offers to backup to a remote Server, optionally barcodes each printed image, and offers extra Application for Workstations, and your Accounts Department, where it compiles data, and offers to prepare invoice inserts.

Both Applications offer extensive Reporting options on collected Data.